by Rev. Aeneas McDonnell Dawson

It is shown in the following sketches, that some time after the “Reformation” was introduced into Scotland, Catholics were still numerous and powerful. Their supporters could lead armies into the field, fight battles and win victories in their defence. This contested but glorious existence, is contrasted with the extreme depression—annihilation, it may be said, to which the Church was reduced, when her enemies could say, and with so much truth, that she was extinguished. The slow but steady restoration to new life, like the rising of the fabled Phoenix from its ashes, is then dwelt upon at length, until, notwithstanding popular hate and hostile legislation, the great Institution, which was fated not to perish, attained to that highly advanced condition which is the consolation and joy, in our more enlightened age, of hosts of friends and adherents. The historical sketches which make up this volume, appeared from week to week in the Catholic Record, a Canadian publication. Several persons of Scottish origin having expressed a desire to possess them in the form of a book, the author, in compliance with their wish, undertook the work and cost of publishing. Such as are familiar with the memoirs, records and histories on which the volume is founded, will find in it nothing new. To most Canadian readers of Scottish descent, who take an interest in the Church and history of Scotland, it will prove, the author hopes, a source of pleasure and information


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