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Chapter IX

Chapter VIII: The Prosperous Times of Alexander III, 1248-1286

Pope Clement IV., who granted this Bull, gave the Monastery about the same time a few other privileges, in addition to those which the above contains: freedom from being brought before secular judges, freedom from sequestration for debt, and right to receive the dues of all their churches without being interfered with by any diocesan bishop. It was when thus prosperous and privileged that the trials of those days of sorrow, in which all Scotland shared, came upon the Monastery like a whirlwind.

Alexander the Stewart, who had been so good a friend to the Abbey, was gathered to his father’s before that time came. It is not known exactly when he died,
[25] but before the death of Alexander III., and about the year 1282, James the Stewart, his son, gives the monks a right to “cross the river Kert Lochwinok between his yare and theirs,” and promises to allow no one to put up any obstruction in the stream to injure their fishings. In all probability, Alexander was buried with his ancestors in the choir of the Abbey.

[25] Symson and Duncan Stewart say in 1283, and that he was buried in the Abbey. Fordun gives 1281 as the year of his death, and with him concurs the Stemma Senescalli.