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The History of Paisley Abbey

J. Cameron Lees' work on Paisley Abbey, published in Paisley in 1878, is one of the definitive works extant. This online version is intended to be a resource for all of those interested in the historic building located in the centre of Paisley. Supplemental material will be added as the resource is developed.

Above plan, showing cross-like shape of the design of the Abbey from Lees' work, "The Abbey of Paisley,"

This image is taken from the 1901 edition, introduced by R. Rowand Anderson, of Robert William Billings' "The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland." The work was originally published between 1845-1852 in 4 volumes by Oliver & Boyd. Billings, an architect and consummate draughtsman, made the drawings. John Godfrey engraved this plate, among others.

Paisley Abbey, today. Photographed using a wide angle of 18mm with some post-processing work making the perspective of the tower vertical.