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IT is necessary to say a word in explanation of the appearance of this little book. The author had occasion to visit St. Kilda twice as the “Special Correspondent” of the Glasgow Herald—first, in October, 1885, when he accompanied the expedition sent to relieve the pressing wants of the islanders, and again in June, 1886, when he remained fifteen days on the island. The articles which he contributed, as a result of both visits, have been to some extent re-written and considerably expanded, in order, if possible, to bring them more into keeping with the permanent form they are now made to assume. It is hoped the republication of the articles may help to keep before the public mind the absolute necessity of something being done to ameliorate the condition of the St. Kildians.

The author desires to express his acknowledgments to the Editor of the Glasgow Herald for permission to republish the various articles.

GLASGOW, April, 1887.