TANNAHILL was an ardent admirer of the Drama, and attended the theatre in Paisley when a company of comedians arrived in town, and occasionally travelled to the theatre in Glasgow when Thespian Stars made their appearance in that city. He was acquainted with several actors, particularly with Messrs. Archibald Pollock and William Livingston, both of them very worthy men. TANNAHILL stated that the “Interlude” was undertaken by desire of the former, and urged by the latter. Pollock died before the “Interlude” was well commenced, but Livingston lived for 48 years afterwards. Livingston was a correspondent of TANNAHILL’S, and sent the poet two very interesting letters dated respectively 18th November, 1804, and 7th March, 1806. In the former letter Livingston expressed his impatience to see the “Sodger’s Return”. Mr. James Moss, an Edinburgh comedian, was another of his theatrical acquaintances.