1766, July 6 — Birth, Paisley, Scotland.

1776 — Wilson’s mother died.

177? — Alexander Wilson, Sr., marries again.

1779 — Wilson bound as apprentice to William Duncan.

1779-1782 — Learns weaving.

1782 — Apprenticeship expires.

1782-'89 — Weaving and peddling. Contributes to Glasgow Advertiser.

1789 — Attempts to publish poems.

1790 — “Poems, Humorous, Satirical and Serious;” Neilson, publisher.

1791 — “Laurel Disputed.” “Watty and Meg.” “Poems,” second edition.

1791-’93 — Weaver and traveller.

1793-’94 — Troubles with Mr. Sharp, a manufacturer of Paisley.

1794 — Sails for America in the Swift from Belfast.

1794, July 4 — Lands at Newcastle. Works with John Aiken, printer, Philadelphia.

1794-’95 — Weaving at Pennypack Creek, Penn., and Sheppardstown, Va. Peddling in New Jersey. School-teaching at Frankfort, Penn.

1795-1801 — Teacher at Milestown, Penn. Surveying. Walks to Ovid, Cayuga County, N. Y.

1801-’02 — Teaches at Bloomfield, N. J. 1802 — Accepts teaching position at Union School, Gray’s Ferry, near Philadelphia.

1803 — Studies drawing, etc. Plans his “Ornithology.”

1804 — First ornithological journey, to Niagara Falls. Publishes “The Invitation,” “The Rural Walk,” and “The Solitary Tutor” in The Literary Magazine, Philadelphia.

1805 — Writes short poems and studies birds.

1806 — Applies to Jefferson for appointment on Pike’s Expedition. Resigns position at Gray’s Ferry School. Becomes assistant editor on Ree’s Cyclopedia, published by S. F. Bradford, Philadelphia.

1807 — Begins travelling through Pennsylvania.

1808 — First volume of the “American Ornithology” published by Bradford and Inskeep (first two plates engraved by Wilson’s own hands). Begins traveling North to solicit subscriptions. Meets Thomas Payne at Greenwich.

1808-’09 — Travels through the South near the sea coast.

1809-’10 — Journey through the interior by way of Pittsburgh to Florida.

1810 — Second volume, “American Ornithology.”

1811 — Third and fourth volumes, “American Ornithology.”

1812 — Fifth and sixth volumes, “American Ornithology.” Last ornithological trip, as far North as Maine. Elected member American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia and of the Society of Artists of the United States.

1813 — Seventh volume, “American Ornithology.”

1813, Aug. 13 ( ?) — Taken sick with dysentery after taking cold from exposure. August 23, Alexander Wilson died in Philadelphia. Buried in the yard of the Swedes’ Church, Water Street, Philadelphia.

1814 — Eighth volume, “American Ornithology.”

1814 — May, ninth volume, “American Ornithology,” with a life of Wilson by George Ord.

1816 — Alexander Wilson’s father died in Scotland.