2013 sees the bi-centenary of the death of Alexander Wilson. In commemoration Grian Press will showcase a selection of his work.

Information published on the website will include biographical detail of Wilson's early life, formative years and emigration to America as well as a selection of his poems, prose and letters.

The website and its content will develop throughout this year; the aim is to develop a useful resource on the life and work of the poet and ornithologist.

The chronology of his life and work, accessed on the sidebar, is taken from the book by James Southall Wilson, published in 1906, titled “Alexander Wilson, Poet Naturalist: A Study of his life with selected poems.”

Engraving of Alexander Wilson by W.J. Alais after James Craw

Engraving of Alexander Wilson by W.J. Alais after the original oil painting by James Craw — used as frontispiece in Volume I. of A.B. Grosart's edition, 1876.

Portrait of Alexander Wilson

Portrait of Alexander Wilson from a painting by Peale — used as frontispiece in James Southall Wilson's work.