To David Brodie, August 13, 1788

Apology in mock-heroics for not sending a Book—Thomas Wotherspoon—peruse the MS. with the 'eye of a friend and a critic'—Verses.

To Mr. DAVID BRODIE, Schoolmaster,
Quarrelton, near Paisley.
August 13, 1788.

             I am very much ashamed to think I have used you so mean and dishonourably, after promising to leave the book; but

O place it not to blank regard,
Or disrespect insist;
Ye ken yourself my hapless weird,—
The frail, the faithless chest!!

I have at length sent it to be conveyed to you from Paisley by Thomas Wotherspoon. Mr. James Kennedy has his compliments to you. As for the little book, if you take the trouble to peruse it, let it be with the joint eye of a friend and critic. I shall take it very kindly to hear your objections. I could have sent you another, but let this suffice for the present—as perhaps you have little time to spare.

Now, though I did my promise break,
An' gart you on my truth reflect;
Believe me, sir, with true respect,
Though undeservin',
While I can lift a pen or snek,
You humble servin'.

                              ALEXANDER WILSON.
EDINBURGH, August 13, 1788.