Glossary: A - Blash

A'— all Awsome—frightfully
Ablins—perhaps Ayont—beyond
Ae, ane—one Bairns—children
Aff—off Baith—both
Aft—oft Bane—bone
Aften—often Bannock—a thick round oat-meal cake
Afore—before Bardie—diminutive of bard
Ain—own Basht—bruised
Air—early, soon Bashfu'—bashful
Airt—to direct Batter'd—bruised, pasted
Airns—irons Bauld—bold
Aith—oath Bauchels—old shoes worn as slippers
Ait-farle—third part of an oat-meal cake Bauldly—boldly
Aiken—oaken Bawbies— money, halfpennies
Ajee—wrong, to one side, out of the ordinary path Beating—part of a weaver's web
Alake—alas Beden—immediately
Alang—along Beekin—basking
Alangst—alongst Bedding—bed clothes,
Amaist—almost Behin, behint—behind
Amang—among Begoud—began
An'—and, if Ben—into
Ance—once Belang—belong
Aneath—beneath Belly-flaught—tanting; with out-stretched arms, suddenly, in great haste
Anither—another Bethanket—praise be for it
An's—and has Beuk—a book
Antrin—occasional Bield—a house, shelter
Araise—arose Bigging—a building, a dwelling house
Aroun'—around Bien—comfortable, wealthy
Asteer—afoot, abroad, moving Billies—young fellows
Athort—athwart Birky—a clever fellow
Atween—between Birring—whirring
Aul', auld—old Birslt—burned brown
Auld-farrant—ingenious, sly, crafty Binna—be not
Aweel, atweel—indeed, truly Bizzan—a bee, a fly
Awa—away Blae—of a livid colour
Awat—I wot Blate—bashful
Awee—for a short time Blattert—rattled
Awfu'—awful Blatterin—rattling
Awse—ashes Blash—the fall of any heavy substance into water