Many of Alexander Wilson's poems use unusual words, a mixture of Scots and slang, and so a glossary is warranted.

The glossary is taken from an 1844 edition of Wilson's works published in Belfast by John Henderson. Having been prepared so long ago some of the explanatory words in the glossary need to be explained themselves. We will endeavour to try and address this issue.

Though published in Belfast the edition is prefaced from Paisley by the editor. Acknowledgement is given to the help from Dr. Andrew Crawfurd of Lochwinnoch in compiling the glossary. Clark Hunter (1983) refers to the invaluable source compiled by Dr. Crawfurd of Johnshill for providing information on the Wilsons. Known as the Cairn of Lochwinnoch the source material comprises some forty-six volumes in MSS, of local history sketches and lore, collected by the doctor.