Glossary: Sabs - Snecks

Sabs—sobs Shored—threatened loudly
Sabbing—sobbing Screech—to scream
Sae—so Screeching—screaming
Safs!—save us! Shouther—shoulder
Saft—soft Sic, siccan—such
Sa'r, saur—a smell, a savour Sicker—sure
Sair—sore Siller—money, silver
Sairt, seert—served Simmer—summer
San-blin—sand-blind, short-sighted Sin—the sun
Sal—shall Sinny—sunny
Sauted—salted Sinty—seventy
Saul—soul Sinfu'—sinful
Saws and barrels—weavers' machines Skelf—shelf
Sawing-timber—a technical term in the business of the currier Skelpet—beaten
Sax—six Skelpin—beating
Saxty—sixty skift—skipped
Saxpence—sixpence Skiffin—skipping
Scant—scarce Skillie—skilful
Scances—scans Skirl—to scream shrilly
Scart—to scratch Skirling—screaming shrilly
Scarting—scratching Skirls—wild screams
Scaul, scauld—to scold Skeigh—spirited
Scawling—scolding Skinklin, skinklan—sparkling and shining
Scat—scabbed Skit—a blow
Scone, scones—thin soft flour cakes Sklate—slate
Scower—to clean, to scrub Skrewt—screwed
Scoury, scowery—shabby Skyle—to scatter
Scounrel—scoundrel Skytchers—skaters, skates
Scrieve—to glide swiftly Slairy'd—bedaubed, slabbered
Scunner—to feel disgust Slaw—slow
Sel'—self Slee—sly
Seeping—soaking Sleekit—glossy
Seeps—soaks Sled—slade
Sen—send Sleepit, sleepet—slept
Set—sect, sort Sma'—small
Shaw—a small wood in a hollow place Smo'ering—smothering
Shoon—shoes Snaw, sna'—snow
Shanket—departed Snawy—snowy
Shoelin—shuffling Sna-bas—snow-balls
Shoolfu'—shovelful Snecks—latches