Glossary: Snell - Tel'

Snell—severe, keen, cold Steching—panting, groaning for want of breath
Snellest—bitterest, most unfortunate Stinning—standing
Sneeran—sneering Stoor—boisterous noise
Soud—should Stoup—a kind of high narrow jug or dish, with a handle and lid, for holding liquids, mostly whiskey
Soun'—sound Stoupfu—the full of a stoup
Soon's—soon as Stoited—stumbled
Sonsy—lucky, jolly Streekit—stretched
Soncler —more jolly Staucherin—staggering
Soom—to swim Stab—a stake
Sowing-brod—a board upon which weavers mix and beat their dressing or paste Staps—steps
Sowins—a dish made of the finest of oatmeal steeped or soured in water and oatmeal seeds Strang—strong
Sogers—soldiers Strae—straw
Souching—a low mournful sound dying on the ear, like the sighing or moaning of the wind through a wood Stells—stills
Sowther—to solder Stieve, steeve—firm, full
Spat—spot Stievely—firmly
Spate—a flood, inundation Stenchers—stanchels
Spale—a spell of words Spunkie—Will-o'-the-wisp
Spak—spoke Spreadan—spreading
Spavie—the spavin Squattert—fluttered in water like a wild duck
Specks—spectacles Squeels—sereams
Speel—to climb Swankie—a strippling, youth
Speelt—climbed Swalt—Swelled
Speeling—climbing Swirled—whirled
Speer—to ask, to enquire Swack—whack, forcible throw
Speert—asked Swith—quickly, swift
Spen—spend Swither—to hesitate
Spoulin, spoutan—ejecting Swearan—swearing
Span—spun Sweert, sweer—unwilling, averse to
Stack—did stick Syne—then, soon, afterwards
Stan—stand Synt—washed
Stane dyke—a stone inclosure Taes—Toes
Starns—stars Tafts—cot houses
Stappet—stopped, filled Tak—take
Stap—to fill, to stop Tanle—bonfire
Steek—to shut, to silence Tangs—tongs
Steekit—shut, closed Tattert—torn
Steering—moving, stirring Tap—top
Steers—moves, shifts Tauld—told
Sten—spring, leap Tel'—tell it