Glossary: Temples - Warlock

Temples—part of a weaver's loom Truntlet—rolled
Tent—to observe Trouth—troth
Tenty—carefully, cautiously Tum't—emptied
Thae—these, those Twygle-twygle—these words are meant to imitate the sound made by a door, when opened or shut, which is loaded with a weight, suspended by a rope over a pully, to make the door shut
Thack—thatch Twittert—twittered
Thou'se—thou wilt Twa—two
Thegither—together Twall—twelve
Than—then Tyke—a dog
They're—they are Tyken—a strong striped cloth for beds and bolsters
Thinkna—think not Tyning—losing
Thirsels, themsels—themselves  
Thir—these Ugsome—loathful
Thole—to bear, to endure Upo'—upon
Tholt—suffered, endured Unco—very, extremely
Thowe—to thaw Unhanty—unhandy
Throng—throng, busy  
Thraw—to twist, to bow Vera—very
Thrawn—twisted, ill-natured  
Thrawart—cross-tempered Wa'—wall
Thronie—dim. of throne Wabs—webs
Thumle—thimble Wabster—a weaver
Thuner—thunder Woud—would
Thretty—thirty Wad—wager, would
Thudden—beating, trembling Wae—woe
Tither—the other Wae-be-til't—woe be to it
Till't—to it Waes—alas! oh the pity!
Tim'er—timber Waefu'—woeful
Tine—to lose Waft—weft
Tout—to sound Wall—the well
Toom—to empty Wallet—bundle
Toothfu—a moderate quantity of liquor Wame—the belly
Towmonds—twelve months Wans—wands, twigs
Trampet, tramped—walked Was't—was it
Trampin—walking War, waur—were
Tremlin—trembling Warld, warl—world
Trimly—nicely Warldly—worldly
Trig—handsome, neat Warstle—wrestle
Troke—things lying confusedly on the floor, such as shoes, clothes, &c. Wast—west
Trance—an entrance to a dwelling-house Wark—work
Trow—believe Warlock—a wizzard