Glossary: Blauds - Chield

Blauds—large pieces Bum—to hum
Blew—to blow Bumming—humming
Blawing—blowing Buneuchs—a laxness, looseness
Blether—a bladder Burd—a bird
Blether—to talk idly Buttl't—a quantity of straw bundled
Blethered—talked idly Burdles—diminutive of burd
Blethering—talking idly Burn—a rivulet
Bleeze—a flame Burnies—diminutive of burn
Bleezing—blazing Burrel—a barrel
Blink—a little time Ca', ca'f—calf
Blowt—to throw out anything with a sudden force Ca'd—called
Blue—whiskey (a cant term) Caft, coft—bought, got
Blude, bluid—blood Cairns—heaps of stones
Bocket—vomited Callan—a boy
Bookin, bockan—vomiting Cam'—came
Bodie—a person, used either in contempt or familiarity Camsheugh—cross, ill-tempered
Bodle—a Scottish coin, equivalent to one-eighth of an English penny Cankry—crabbedly
Bole—a hole or press in the wall, chiefly near the fire-place, for holding many things, particularly the family library Cankriest—crabbedest
Bool—an old man Canna—cannot
Bonny, bonnie—pretty, lovely Canny—cautious
Booze—to tipple to drink Canty—merry, cheerful
Bordert—bordered Cauld, caul'—cold
Bore—name of the act of a weaver turning round his beam with woven cloth upon it Cauler—quite fresh
Bouster—a pillow Cawsey, causey—causeway
'Bout-gates—circuitous ways Carle—an old man
Bra', braw—beautiful, fine Carlings—old women
Brae—the side of a hill Cap—a small wooden dish
Braid—broad Cap-stane—cope-stone
Brak—broke Chafts—the chops
Brawly, bra'ly—well, nicely, finely, handsomely Chanler-chafs—lean and meagre visaged
Bree, brue—juice, sauce Chaps—young fellows
Breeks—breeches Chap—a blow, a knock
Brither—brother Chappet—have struck
Brogs—small boring instruments Chaunerin—murmuring and grumbling
Brod—a board, broad Chappin—striking
Brock—a badger Chaist—pursued
Brooze—contest Cheeps—chirps, supplicatory words
Brose—a dish made by pouring boiling water on oatmeal, and stirring it, then adding some milk Cheepin—chirping
Bug—built Chield, chiel—a young fellow