Glossary: Chirt - Deuks

Chirt—to squeeze, to press Coups—tumbles, overturns
Chimly—the grate, fire-place Core—a party, a gang
China—a kind of silk used for webs Cowl—a night-cap
Chirle—a cock's comb Cozie—warm, comfortable
Chucky—a hen Crack—to convene
Ciners—cinders Cracky—talkative
Claes—clothes Craft—a field near a house
Clachan, claughin—a village Craws—crows
Claith—cloth Crawing—crowing
Clam—climbed Creeshy—greasy
Clauts—the hands Cronie, crony—a companion
Clautet—scraped, cleaned Croon—to moan, to hum a tune
Clashing—wet with water Crump—to chew any hard bread
Clash—a heap, a large quantity Crumpin—hard, brittle
Clod—turf, sod Cuffets—dim. of cuffs, blows
Closes—passages through houses from front to back Cuist—did cast
Clootie, cloots—the devil  
Cloots—the feet Dab—a proficient
Cloited—tumbled Dading, daudin—clanking
Cloorin—striking, murdering Dads—fathers, a familiar term
Clinch—to halt, walk lamely Daft—foolish, merry, having little of reason
Clashes—scandle (scandal?), on dits Daffin—merriment
Clink—a blow, a knock; a cant term for money Daidlin—tippling
Clinket—snatched quickly Daized—stupified
Clung—empty Dang—beat, surpassed
Cluds—clouds Darna—dare not
Cluded—clouded Daud, dawd—a large piece
Clues—balls of yarn Daudron—slovenly, dirty
Clinking—clanking Dautit—fondled, carressed
Cowins—fragments of bread Dauner—to wander
Cockin—perched up, comequentially Daunert—wandered
Cockernonies—caps, the gathering of a woman's hair, when it is tied up with a snood Daunering—wandering
Cog—a wooden dish Daughty—well, able
Co'ert—covered Dean—dying
Co'ering—covering Deil, deel—the devil
Coof—a stupid fellow Deil-be-licket—nothing
Couped—tumbled Deil-mak-matter—let the devil make matter for that now
Cork—a manufacturer (cant term) Dementit—stupid
Cou'd—could Devore—devour
Couldna, coudna—could not Deuks—ducks