Glossary: Den - Fiel'

Den—a place of concealment  
Dinna—do not Eastlin—eastern
Ding—to overcome, to push, to defeat, to excel E'e—the eye
Dish-clout—a cloth for cleaning dishes Een—the eyes
Disputit—disputed E'en—even, evening
Dizen—a dozen Eening—evening
Dight—to wipe, to clean, to rub Eerie—frighted
Doited—walked in a stupid or deranged manner Eerocks—chickens
Doitet—stupified Eith—easy, easily
Doon—done, down Eild—old age
Doos—doves Eldren—aged
Dously, dowsely—wisely and cannily Eldritch—ghostly, frightfully
Douse, dowse—sober, wise Empron—eel, a lamprey
Doup—the backside En'—end
Dool—sorrow, to lament Erls—earnest money
Douk—to dip Fa'—fall
Douket—dipt Fab—a fob
Durk—dirk Fac't—faced
Duds—rags Faes—foes
Duddy—raggy Faintive—faintly
Dugs—dogs Fallow—fellow
Durstna—durst not Fallow'd—followed
Douf—melancholy, void of animation Fan, fun—found
Draff—brewers' grains, used for feeding swine, &c. Fa'n—fallen
Draigled—bespattered with mire Farest—farthest
Drap—a drop, to drop Fash—to trouble
Drapt—dropped Faut—want, fault
Drappan—dropping Faught—fight
Drawin near—approaching Fearsome—frightful
Dree—to bear, to endure Feart—afraid
Dreein—suffering, enduring Fegs—faith (an exclamation)
Dreepin—dropping Fell—keen, biting, vigorous
Dreadfu'—dreadful Fenny—affording comfortable entertainment
Drogs—drugs Fern-year—last year
Dribbling—drizzling Ferly—a wonder
Drucken—drunken Ferlies—wonders
Dryster—a person who has charge of the drying of grain on the heated plates of the kiln, preparatory to grinding Fit—able, the foot
Dyke—a wall inclosure Fit—mood, inclination, purpose
Dyvour—a shabby tippling person, a bankrupt Fiel' —field