Glossary: Fin - Gluts

Fin—to find, found Gat—got
Fient—not one, none Gate—way
Fitches—moves Gant—to yawn
Flate—did scold Gars—makes, forces
Fleean—flying Gart—forced, made
Flee—to fly Gayen—very, quite
Fleech—to supplicate Gavel—gable
Flitherin—fluttering Gaucy, gawsey—jolly, large, healthy
Flithert—fluttered, flew Gaunt—a yawn
Flyte—to scold Gear—wealth, goods
Flyting—scolding Get—a child
Flinners—broken pieces Ghaist— ghost
Flounge—to get into a passion, to flounder Gif—if, suppose, on condition
Flush—to have plenty Giftie—diminutive of gift
Fother'd—foddered Gie—give
Fore (to the)—remaining Gied—gave
Forgie—forgive Gie's—gave us, give us
Forgathered—met with Gillie—diminutive of gill
Forret—forward Gin—if, before, by, against
Fore-doors—front-doors Girn—to fret, to grin
Fouk, fowk—folk Girning, girnan—fretting, grinning, murmuring
Frae—from Girnt—grinned, fretted
Frae's—from his Girdle, girle—a circular plate of iron used for toasting bread over a fire
Frien'—friend Girt, grit—thick
Frienly—friendly Grisle—gristle
Frienless—friendless Gled—a kite, a hawk
Fu'—full, fuddled, drunk Gleg—sharp, ready
Fug—moss Gleefu'—gleeful
Fuggy—mossy Glisterin—glittering
Fursday—Thursday Glibly-gabbet—readily given to speaking
Ga'—gall, to gall Glinted—peeped
Gab—the mouth, to speak Glints—peeps
Gabby—talkative Glolts—dolts
Ga't, gaw't—galled, harrassed Glowre—to gaze, to stare
Gae—to go Glower'd, glowert—gazed, &c.
Gaed—went Glowerin—gazing
Gane—gone Glowan—glowing
Gang—go Glowe—glow
Gan, gaun—going Gluts—bellyfuls, doses