Glossary: Gouk - Hinmaist

Gouk—a simpleton Halesale—wholesale
Gowk—a cuckoo Hallan—the outer door
Goustly—ghostly Haly—holy
Goud, gowd—gold Hame—home
Gowden—golden Hamely—homely
Gowan—the field daisy Hammart, hameart—relating or belonging to home
Graip—a dung fork Han, haun—the hand
Graith—working utensils Hap—to cover, to hope
Grane—groan Happet—covered, wrapped
Graned—groaned Happin—hoping
Grannie—grandmother Harnishes—part of a weaver's working utensils
Graped—groped Harns—brains
Grat, grutten—wept Harl—to drag
Gree—to agree Harled—dragged
Gree-praise, excellence; to bear the gree, to bear the bell Hazel oil—a beating: so called from a hazel wand being often used as a rod of correction in the domestic circles
Greeting, greetin—weeping Hash—a sloven
Groo—to shudder with loathing Haud—to hold
Groosome—loathingly,frightful Hauds—holds
Grouping—groping Hault—drew, dragged
Grun—ground Havings—breeding
Gude—the Almighty Hawkie—a cow
Guides!—Gods! God guide us Hech!—a loud sigh
Gude, guid—good Hecht—promised
Gudewife—a wife Heapet—heaped
Gude-for-naething—good for nothing Hechin—using the exclamation hech! or sighing loudly
Gurle—growl Heeze—to lift up
Gurled—gurgled Hel'—held
  Help's—help us
Ha'—hall, a house Herse—hearse
Hade—did hide Herdies—dim. of herds
Hadna—had not He's—he is
Hae —have Het—hot
Ha'f— half Heuk-an-creuk—by any means
Haffets—the sides of the head Hew—to cut
Haith—faith! Hie, heigh—high
Halflins—half, nearly, partly Himsel—himself
Haill—whole Hinee—honey
Hainches—the sides of a person Hingan, hingin—hinging
Hairns—a person's inside Hin'er-en—the latter end
Hale—healthy Hinmaist—the last