Glossary: Hinny-moon - Leatherin

Hinny-moon—honey-moon Kent, kend—known
Hirpling—walking lamely Kentna—knew not
Hog—shilling (a cant term) Kepp—a cap
Hogmenae—the last night of the year Kill—a kiln
Hools—husks Kimmer—a woman
Hotch—to move as if burdened with fatness Kinle—kindle
Hotching—moving Kintra, kintry—country
Howe—a hollow or dell Kippled—married
Howk—to dig Kirnan-rung—churn-staff
Hornings—the name of a Scottish law paper Kist—a chest
Hunkerin—crouching Kittled—tickled
Hunkert—crouched Knolted—knocked
Huggert-taes—toes covered with old stockings Knowes—small round hillocks
Huggers—old stockings, coarse stockings without feet Knuckled—put up with, endured
Hunners—hunders Koots—the ankle bones
Hurlan—hurling Kusson—thrown
Hurdies—the buttocks Kyte—the stomach or belly
Huthron—hurridly, confusedly  
Hutch—an indefinite quantity of any heavy substance. varying in weight in different shires in Scotland Lade—a load
  Lade—a canal for leading water to turn a mill
I'—in Lad'ent—loadened
Ilk—each Laft—the loft
Ilka—every Lallan—lowland
Ingle—fire, fire-place Lam'ies—dim. of lambs
Ingon—onion Lam'ies—an affectionate term for young children
Ither—other Lampet—took long steps while walking
I'se—I shall Lamping—taking long steps
  Lan, laun—land, a building
Jaunering—talking idly Lang—long
Jink—to turn suddenly Lang-syne—long since
Jinking—turning suddenly Lane—lone
Kail—broth Lap—to leap, jumped
Kame—a comb Lapfu's—lapfuls
Kechlin—cackling Lave (the )—the rest, the others
Kechan—yeast Lavrocks—larks
Keek—to peep Lea'—leave
Keekin—peeping Lear—learning
Keepet—kept Leathing—the lath
Ken—to know Leatherin—a castigation