Glossary: Leein - Ony

Leein—telling lies Maukin—a hare
Leel, leal—true, honest Maul—to beat, to murder
Leet—told lies Maun—must
Leugh—laughed Maunna— must not
Lift—the firmament Maunt—managed
Limmer —a strumpet Maybe—perhaps
Lin, linn —a deep pool, cataract Midden, midding—a dunghill
Lingle—shoemakers' thread, straps of the pack Mill—to steal
Listed—enlisted Mind—recollect
Lizures—selvages Mirk—dark
Lo'es—loves Misca'd—miscalled
Lo'ed—loved Mist—missed
Loof—the palm of the hand Mither—mother
Looves—plural of loaf Mirle—speckled and spotted
Loot—did let, permitted Mony—many
Loup—to leap Mouthfu'— mouthful
Louped—leaped Mort-claith—a piece of black cloth, fringed at the edges, which covers the coffin when carried to the church-yard
Loups—leaps Muckle, mickle—great, much
Loutin—stooping Mumling—mumbling
Louts—stoops Mounting—part of a weaver's working materials
Lounder—a hard blow  
Lowins—whiskey of the first distillation Na—no, not, nor
Lowse—loose Nae—not, no, neither
Lowst—loosened Nane—none
Lozens—window panes Naething—nothing
Lucky—a landlady Nainsels—a term for the Highlanders
Lug—the ear Needna—need not
Luk, leuk—to look Neibors, neibours—neighbours
Lum—chimney Neer-do-weel—never do well
Lummer—lumber Neuks—corners, nooks
Lumple—a word of no meaning, evidently coined and employed by the author for the sake of the rhyme; however, the word tumble, or even limp might be made the translation of it. New-fangled—fond of a new thing, much taken up with it
Mae, mair—more Nieve—the hand closed
Maist—most Norlan—Northern
Mak—to make Nowt—black cattle
Maks—makes Num'er—number
Maksna—matters not  
Malefactor—manufacturer O'—of
Man—manage Od!—How strange!
Ma't—may it Ony—any