Glossary: On'ts - Run

On'ts—on its Pu's—pulls
O't—of it Punds—pounds
Ouk—week Pussy—a hare, a cat
Owre, ower—over Putten—put, forced
Oxtering—bearing something under the arm-pits  
Packs (in)—flocks  
Painches—bowels, entrails Rade—rode
Paper-spot—name of a kind of cloth Raise—rose
Paritch—a very common dish in Scotland, made of oatmeal boiled in water or milk Ram't—thrust
Pash—the head Raps—knocks, blows
Pass—state Rake—an indefinite quantity of water, as much as is carried away at one time
Pate—the head Raw—row
Paughty—haughty, proud Ranket—in rows
Pawky—sly, artful, cunning Rax—to reach, to stretch
Pawkly, paukly—slyly Ree—half drunk, stupified from excess of joy
Pechim—panting Reek—smoke
Petticoats—name of a kind of cloth Reekt—reached
Pich—pitch, black Reekie—Edinburgh
Pin, pooking-pin, pluck-stick—a short, round, smooth piece of wood with which the weaver plys the shuttle Reekin—smoking
Pirn—the reed or quill within a weaver's shuttle round which the yam or weft is wound Rigging—the ridge of a house
Pith—strength Ringe—a quick fall , a rattling noise
Plackless—without money Ribs—bars of a fire-grate
Plainstones—a pavement Rin—to run
Planting—a wood, plantation Rinnin—running
Plash—to wade with a plunging noise Rink—the course of the stone in curling
Pleugh—plough Rock, roke—the distaff
Peerie—a child's plaything, a kind of top Roun'—round
Peepet—peeped Rowe—to roll, to wrap
Pocks—bags Rowes—rolls
Pouch—a pocket Rowan—rolling
Poucht—pocketed Rown—mountain-ash berry
Pow, powe—the head Rowet—rolled, wrapped
Poortith—poverty Rumle—to rumble
Poon, poind—distrain for debt Rumlin—rumbling
Prent, print—printed Rumple—the rump
Prest—urged Rung—a stick, a cudgel
Pricket—marked Runkly—wrinkly, wrinkled
Prins—pins Run—a rivulet